Engineer, Musician, and Inventor

victor hatch engineer, musician, and inventorBorn in 1931 as Victor Wesley Hatch on a farm in northwestern Oklahoma. Lived on various farms while in school in NW Oklahoma and SW Kansas while growing up. Graduated from high school at Nash Oklahoma in 1948. Largely self educated as an electronics engineer. Received Professional Engineers license in 1983.

I spent four years in the Air Force during the Korean war as a radar technician. I’ve worked at various companies as an electronic technician and later as an electronics engineer; mostly with high power electronics for industry.

I grew up during the depression and have seen and experienced the effects first hand; poverty and the dust bowl years. One year of drought the crops all wilted in the field. My father and an uncle resorted to using horses instead of tractor and cars for a while. We received some government relief food. I particularly recall our receiving corn meal–we had corn meal mush for breakfast and then fried cornmeal mush for other meals. Also received some raisins, with seeds in them!
This experience and having observed the effects of recessions and depressions on others lead me to investigate why they repetitively occur. It seemed very strange that with people willing to work and desiring work and with companies that would be glad to employ them if they had sales, that such events would keep occurring. After finding the reason for them I considered it a duty to inform others; thus my book “Debt Crises, The Cause of Recessions and Depressions”. Recessions and depressions are not caused by some mysterious business cycle; there is a definite cause that can be readily understood.

Researched cause of tornadoes and hurricanes.  This lead to the resolution of gravity as an electrical force. Published ebook, “Research Report —” outlining the basic concept 2015.  Recently published as an ebook “A Unified Theory of Matter, Gravity and Electricity” available at www.smashwords.com/books/view/647285

My interest quite varied; science, economics, music, art. I am an engineer, inventor, musician, science researcher, and now an author. I also enjoy hiking and folk dancing.