Elegy to Life, Ode to the IPCC

Elegy to Life
Ode to the IPCC
(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
Victor W Hatch

Oh how wise we humans be,
To trust the infallible wisdom of IPCC.
And bless the 97 percenters where they walk,(1)
To dispense the holy truth with their talk!

The 97 percenters in their wisdom know,
The number one greenhouse gas is aitch two oh.(2)
Yet they preach a big lie.
By saying humans don’t put water vapor directly in the sky.
Maybe we can all guess why.
The dollar sign in their eye?

The water vapor in the clouds so high,
Created by burning hydrogen up in the sky.
By the jets in their flight,
To create the clouds that warm day and night.(3)

Oh how wise we humans be,
To trust the certainty of the IPCC.

Carbon dioxide is but a wee greenhouse gas,(4)
That feeds the trees and grass.

The jets exhaust is plain.
It’s acid water vapor to fall as acid rain.(5)
To make the ocean harmful to life,
to make the death of coral rife.

O’er the world falls this acid rain,
To steal the minerals needed by life,
To kill life on land and in the sea,
Reduce the oxygen supply for you and me.(6)

O’er the land this this acid rain does abound.
Steals the nutrients from the ground
And  thus from our food you see.
To starve the animals and you and me.

Oh what fools we humans would be,
Not to trust and honor the IPCC.
For they know what’s right.
So rest untroubled through the night.

O’er the arctic goes the international flight
To put aitch to oh in the arctic sky,
Up just so high.
To warm the polar day and night,
And create the polar bears plight.

Oh what fools we humans would be,
Not to follow the saints of the IPCCC.
For these saints are all wise,
Just as sure as the sun does rise!

Burn hydrogen and oxygen to make aitch two oh,
To trap more solar heat, just so.
And make the earth just hotter yet.
Reduce the oxygen in the atmosphere.
Steal it from the biosphere.

Burn hydrogen to remove oxygen from the air,
Less to breathe and should we care?

Trees and plants use sunshine and cee oh two,
To produce the food for me and you.

Oh how wise we mortals be,
To worship and honor the IPCC.
Their computers are their deities,
The programs are their verities.
Don’t look at earth or skies,
No need cause computers are so wise!
They are never sick from GIGO. (7)
Always right you know!

All life upon this earth is of carbon made.
Reduce the cee oh two and oxygen in the atmosphere,
And the carbon in the biosphere.

Hide the carbon ‘neath the earth,
So the plants have no cee oh two,
With which to grow.
Thus starve the plants,
That make our foods.
And rid the earth of pesky life,
That thrives on carbon, oxygen and sunlight.

Raise the cee oh two in the atmosphere,
To proliferate the green trees and plants.
These green plants will absorb solar energy,
To cool the land and biosphere.
Let’s keep some carbon to make steel!(9)

Oh so wise we mortals be,
to accept the word of the IPCC.
And not to question their verities.(9)
They receive their word from computer deities?

For their betrayal of all life.
Should they do time
For this crime?(10)

  1. Aitch two oh, H20, is water in any form, ice, liquid, vapor or steam.
  2. Claim of the IPCC is that 97% of Scientists agree that climate change is caused by Carbon dioxide. This could only be 97% of their selected group of scientists as they most certainly did not survey all climate scientists!
  3. NASA report. “Clouds Caused by Aircraft Exhaust May Warm the US Climate” “The trends in cirrus cover and warming over the United States were greatest during winter and spring the same seasons when contrails are most frequent.”
  4. Water vapor, H2O, is the most prominent and effective greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide, CO2, is much less effective as a greenhouse gas and composes 0.04% of the atmosphere compared to water vapor. The ratio of water vapor to CO2 can vary from 1/1 to greater than 100 to 1, typically on average 25/1 to 30/1 more water vapor than carbon dioxide. Reference: “Does CO2 really drive Global Warming” Robert H. Essenhigh. 2001 American Chemical Society.
  5. Gasses are positively ionized by heat. The vibration of molecules caused by heating knock electrons out of orbit which are radiated as heat. The results in the water vapor and the carbon dioxide deficient in electrons. This makes them acidic. Acidic gasses, low ph (hydrogen potential), are characterized by more positive ions than non-acidic gasses and fluids. Thus the water vapor from the jet exhaust is acidic, resulting in acid rain and creating ocean acidity; (The exhaust from engines, as in cars and trucks burning hydrocarbons, such as gasoline and diesel is also positively ionized, this can be measured with an electrometer.) This contributes to depletion of the minerals in the soil and the minerals in our food supply. This equates with increased disease and mortality, more heart disease, cancer and etc. This increase in ocean acidity adversely effects ocean life.
  6. “–about two-thirds of the planet’s total atmospheric oxygen is produced by ocean plankton—and therefore cessation would result in the depletion of oxygen on a global scale. This would likely result in the mass mortality of animals and humans.” The acid rain increasing the acidity of the oceans is killing the plankton! http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2015/05/earths-oxygen-engine-the-invisible-ocean-planktonic-ecosystem.html
  7. GIGO, computer programmer’s terminology meaning garbage in garbage out. The validity of the output of a computer is determined by the program and the data.
  8. Steel is made by adding carbon. We sell high quality coal, mostly to Asia and Europe, for making steel. The US then imports steel.
  9. James P. Hogan; (Un)Settled Science -Hole in the AGWzone Layer!, January 14, 2010 (AGW, acronym for Anthropogenic Global Warming)   He points out that scientists are being regarded as an infallible priesthood who are purveyors as the true source of knowledge that must not be questioned. The danger is in policies made on the basis of unquestioned theories. There is much government funding to push the theory of carbon dioxide as the cause of global warming. No studies  are being funded to question this theory. So there is a great bias in research, which is not honest science,
  10. The present advocated policy of the IPCC in the climate control agreements directly increases the water vapor in the sky. This increases and aggravates the global warming, particularly in the arctic and North America and Europe. This should be acknowledged by the IPCC so that some corrective action can be started. Emergency action should be initiated. At a minimum jet airplane engine exhaust should be cooled and negative ions added to stop acid rain from killing plankton which supply the greatest portion of oxygen to the biosphere!
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