A Unified Theory of Matter, Gravity and Electricity

A Unified Theory of Matter, Gravity and Electricity
  A Preview by Victor Hatch

This Unified Theory of Matter, Gravity and Electricity is the most significant breakthrough in over 100 years. Scientists, such as Einstein, Hawking and others have been seeking a “Grand Unified Theory, GUT” that would unify electromagnetic, gravity and other forces without success. Since the force of gravity is an electrical force their search is futile.

At the level of moons, suns, planets, solar systems and galaxies only attractive force is exhibited. This attraction holds satellites, moons, about the earth and other planets; planets in their orbits about the sun; solar systems in their orbits within the galaxy. Repulsive forces are seen only as the result of pressure buildup; squeezing objects together due to heat, wind, gravitational force or etc.

Chemistry and physical science at present totally ignore any gravitation forces at the atomic and molecular level. The nucleus of the atom contains over 99.9% of the mass of the atom. Thus the matter in all masses is contained in the nuclei of the atoms of any mass. Since gravity is the attraction of mass to mass then gravity must be the attractive force between atoms to form molecules.

The positive charge in all matter is also contained in the nuclei of the atom. Thus the force of gravity is the attraction of positive to positive. Gravity is electrical force.

By applying the theory of gravity to the atom it is shown that gravitational force is an electrical force due to a residual positive charge on the atom and thus a similar residual positive charge on molecules, objects, planets, moons and etc.

Part II, “The Genesis of Hurricanes and Tornadoes” presents how electrical/gravitational force is significant in meteorology and produces tornadoes, hurricanes and thunderstorms. Tornadoes produce a local reversal of gravitational force.

The positive ionization of matter, particularly water, is very significant in meteorology. Water is ionized by wind, heat and vibration. Solar heat and the heat of combustion produces positively ionized water vapor. The attraction between the molecules of positively ionized water vapor is the driving force of hurricanes, tornadoes and thunderstorms.

The combustion of the hydrogen in gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel produces water vapor, the number one greenhouse gas in the exhaust of cars, trucks, trains, jet planes and power plants. The heat of combustion positively ionizes the water vapor and other gasses in the exhaust. This results in acid rain with much environmental damage.

The various aspects of electrical/gravitational force are explored in detail in relation to weather phenomena.