Engineer, Musician, & Inventor 1931 – 2019

victor hatch engineer, musician, and inventor

Victor W. Hatch, 88 years old, of  Vancouver, Washington passed away of natural causes on October, 31, 2019 in Camas Washington at the Prestige Care and Rehabilitation Facility.

Victor Hatch was born in Alva Oklahoma to Richard Verni and Elma Lottie Hatch on February 25, 1931. He was the 4th son born of 13 children. 

Victor is survived by his daughter Vicki (Alain) Tomatis, grandson Kirk Williams and 5 Step Adult Grandchildren, Olivia (Doug) Kelly, Cecilia (Thomas) Harris, Nicolas Tomatis, Christophe Tomatis, & Stephanie Tomatis. He is preceded in death by his ex-wife Bobbie M.  Hatch (12/18/2001), his daughter Velda A. Hatch (03/16/2015) and his son Glenn W. Hatch (01/11/2007).

He lived on various farms while in school in NW Oklahoma and SW Kansas while growing up. Graduated from high school at Nash Oklahoma in 1948. Largely self educated as an electronics engineer. Received Professional Engineers license in 1983.

In his own words:

“I spent four years in the Air Force during the Korean war as a radar technician. I’ve worked at various companies as an electronic technician and later as an electronics engineer; mostly with high power electronics for industry.

I grew up during the depression and have seen and experienced the effects first hand; poverty and the dust bowl years. One year of drought the crops all wilted in the field. My father and an uncle resorted to using horses instead of tractor and cars for a while. We received some government relief food. I particularly recall our receiving corn meal–we had corn meal mush for breakfast and then fried cornmeal mush for other meals. Also received some raisins, with seeds in them!

This experience and having observed the effects of recessions and depressions on others lead me to investigate why they repetitively occur. It seemed very strange that with people willing to work and desiring work and with companies that would be glad to employ them if they had sales, that such events would keep occurring. After finding the reason for them I considered it a duty to inform others; thus my book “Debt Crises, The Cause of Recessions and Depressions”. Recessions and depressions are not caused by some mysterious business cycle; there is a definite cause that can be readily understood.

Researched cause of tornadoes and hurricanes.  This lead to the resolution of gravity as an electrical force. Published ebook, “Research Report —” outlining the basic concept 2015.  Recently published as an ebook “A Unified Theory of Matter, Gravity and Electricity” available at www.smashwords.com/books/view/647285

My interest quite varied; science, economics, music, art. I am an engineer, inventor, musician, science researcher, and now an author. I also enjoy hiking and folk dancing.”

He never retired and even made phone calls to clients from the hospital. He continued to research and write about his findings. His last wish was to have his Manuscript “Mankind is Committing Suicide & Killing all Life on Earth” sent to the President, governors and the press. A press release will be written and the manuscript will be sent as he wished. He was loved and will be missed. May he rest in peace.

On Monday the 23rd of November at the Northern California Veterans Cemetery, in Igo California, there will be a burial ceremony for Victor Hatch. We are hoping to have it streamed live via Zoom, but if that’s not possible it will be recorded for later viewing. The plan is to have the ceremony outside under the protective canopy weather permitting. Please message me if you would like more information.

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  1. Pamela Staub says:

    I met Victor at the neighborhood mailbox. We became pretty good friends and I got to know his daughter Vicki and her husband Alain when they came up to visit. Victor loved to talk about the environment and was worried about the trees in our neighborhood. He only ate natural and organic foods. No sugar, he said that was poison.
    I would talk to him about Jesus and how He loved him and died for him. We had some pretty good conversations about what we each believed.
    At times when he didn’t answer his phone after Vicki called him several times, she would have me go check on him. He was usually sitting at the kitchen counter on his laptop typing something about the environment or electronics when I would pop in on him to see why he wasn’t answering his phone. His ringer was off and he wasn’t sure how that happened. For a guy in his 80’s he was actually pretty good at texting though.
    I miss watching him sit in his garage and soak up the sun as he read his mail. He would do that after he wasn’t able to walk very far. He loved being outside, he loved planting flowers. He was frustrated that he couldn’t do the things he wanted to do and use to do. He had a very determined nature that kept him going and his mind never grew dim. I miss my friend, he was quite the character!

  2. Vidanse says:

    Thanks so much for being a great friend and a neighbor to my father. You are an Angel and we are blessed to know you. Can’t thank you enough for all you have done. ❤️

  3. Denise Gilmore Forren says:

    Vicki I am so sorry for your loss. Losing one so close is so hard.
    I do remember that it was a year ago when his medical issues got complicated.
    Your dad is extremely bright & one of the super stars of all generations. May he rest in peace ❤

  4. The Alpine Echoes says:

    Vic was a valued member of The Alpine Echoes. So sorry to hear if his passing.

  5. Keith Dickson says:

    It was a unique pleasure knowing Vic over many years as we knew each other from international dancing in the Portland area. On special occasions we would discuss mutual interests as the environment. It was a joy to know and discuss events with him. He was always very pleasant and calm in his activities. Such a loss to everyone. We would see each other in Seattle at Folk life activities and he was always so pleasant.

  6. Wendy Swee says:

    So sorry for your loss. I didn’t know my Uncle Victor well, but reading the titles of his books reminds me a lot of his little brother, my father, who preceded him by a month in death. I especially smiled at the “Unified Theory.” May he reach a receptive audience even after his passing, and live on in your heart as in heaven.

  7. Mike Kyle says:

    I met Victor about 12 years ago at a place I worked at. If we had issues with our induction heating equipment, we would call upon Victor to resolve the issue. As he had designed much of the electronics in the units, he was very proficient at troubleshooting them. The man could literally work wonders with a paper clip and some solder.
    As the years passed. We got to know each other better and I was able to watch him play in the band a few times.
    Victor was very concerned about the environment and all of our futures. He had asked that I proofread one of the papers he had written and it was very interesting to me. His dedication to the planet, environment, and all inhabitants was remarkable.
    Victor had mentioned that scientists were not taking some of his theories to heart. Their loss. I believe one day they will find the good in all of Victors work.
    I consider Victor a great man and this is truly a loss of a great man. The world needs more like him to keep our planet in good health.
    Rest In Peace my friend.

  8. John Burwell says:

    I met Victor when about 30 years ago through my father. We worked on electronic designs and manufacturing of Induction Heating equipment together. We had many conversations about a multitude of subjects such as taxes, life, god and we are all in this together. I ran into a few boxes of electronic parts for a Induction Heating Design project we started many years ago and wanted to look Victor up and say high. I am saddened to hear he has passed away and am sure I will run into him someday in the future. Best Regards John Burwell

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