Elegy to Life, Ode to the IPCC

Elegy to Life
Ode to the IPCC
(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
Victor W Hatch

Oh how wise we humans be,
To trust the infallible wisdom of IPCC.
And bless the 97 percenters where they walk,(1)
To dispense the holy truth with their talk!

The 97 percenters in their wisdom know,
The number one greenhouse gas is aitch two oh.(2)
Yet they preach a big lie.
By saying humans don’t put water vapor directly in the sky.
Maybe we can all guess why.
The dollar sign in their eye?

The water vapor in the clouds so high,
Created by burning hydrogen up in the sky.
By the jets in their flight,
To create the clouds that warm day and night.(3)

Oh how wise we humans be,
To trust the certainty of the IPCC.

Carbon dioxide is but a wee greenhouse gas,(4)
That feeds the trees and grass.

The jets exhaust is plain.
It’s acid water vapor to fall as acid rain.(5)
To make the ocean harmful to life,
to make the death of coral rife.

O’er the world falls this acid rain,
To steal the minerals needed by life,
To kill life on land and in the sea,
Reduce the oxygen supply for you and me.(6)

O’er the land this this acid rain does abound.
Steals the nutrients from the ground
And  thus from our food you see.
To starve the animals and you and me.

Oh what fools we humans would be,
Not to trust and honor the IPCC.
For they know what’s right.
So rest untroubled through the night.

O’er the arctic goes the international flight
To put aitch to oh in the arctic sky,
Up just so high.
To warm the polar day and night,
And create the polar bears plight.

Oh what fools we humans would be,
Not to follow the saints of the IPCCC.
For these saints are all wise,
Just as sure as the sun does rise!

Burn hydrogen and oxygen to make aitch two oh,
To trap more solar heat, just so.
And make the earth just hotter yet.
Reduce the oxygen in the atmosphere.
Steal it from the biosphere.

Burn hydrogen to remove oxygen from the air,
Less to breathe and should we care?

Trees and plants use sunshine and cee oh two,
To produce the food for me and you.

Oh how wise we mortals be,
To worship and honor the IPCC.
Their computers are their deities,
The programs are their verities.
Don’t look at earth or skies,
No need cause computers are so wise!
They are never sick from GIGO. (7)
Always right you know!

All life upon this earth is of carbon made.
Reduce the cee oh two and oxygen in the atmosphere,
And the carbon in the biosphere.

Hide the carbon ‘neath the earth,
So the plants have no cee oh two,
With which to grow.
Thus starve the plants,
That make our foods.
And rid the earth of pesky life,
That thrives on carbon, oxygen and sunlight.

Raise the cee oh two in the atmosphere,
To proliferate the green trees and plants.
These green plants will absorb solar energy,
To cool the land and biosphere.
Let’s keep some carbon to make steel!(9)

Oh so wise we mortals be,
to accept the word of the IPCC.
And not to question their verities.(9)
They receive their word from computer deities?

For their betrayal of all life.
Should they do time
For this crime?(10)

  1. Aitch two oh, H20, is water in any form, ice, liquid, vapor or steam.
  2. Claim of the IPCC is that 97% of Scientists agree that climate change is caused by Carbon dioxide. This could only be 97% of their selected group of scientists as they most certainly did not survey all climate scientists!
  3. NASA report. “Clouds Caused by Aircraft Exhaust May Warm the US Climate” “The trends in cirrus cover and warming over the United States were greatest during winter and spring the same seasons when contrails are most frequent.”
  4. Water vapor, H2O, is the most prominent and effective greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide, CO2, is much less effective as a greenhouse gas and composes 0.04% of the atmosphere compared to water vapor. The ratio of water vapor to CO2 can vary from 1/1 to greater than 100 to 1, typically on average 25/1 to 30/1 more water vapor than carbon dioxide. Reference: “Does CO2 really drive Global Warming” Robert H. Essenhigh. 2001 American Chemical Society.
  5. Gasses are positively ionized by heat. The vibration of molecules caused by heating knock electrons out of orbit which are radiated as heat. The results in the water vapor and the carbon dioxide deficient in electrons. This makes them acidic. Acidic gasses, low ph (hydrogen potential), are characterized by more positive ions than non-acidic gasses and fluids. Thus the water vapor from the jet exhaust is acidic, resulting in acid rain and creating ocean acidity; (The exhaust from engines, as in cars and trucks burning hydrocarbons, such as gasoline and diesel is also positively ionized, this can be measured with an electrometer.) This contributes to depletion of the minerals in the soil and the minerals in our food supply. This equates with increased disease and mortality, more heart disease, cancer and etc. This increase in ocean acidity adversely effects ocean life.
  6. “–about two-thirds of the planet’s total atmospheric oxygen is produced by ocean plankton—and therefore cessation would result in the depletion of oxygen on a global scale. This would likely result in the mass mortality of animals and humans.” The acid rain increasing the acidity of the oceans is killing the plankton! http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2015/05/earths-oxygen-engine-the-invisible-ocean-planktonic-ecosystem.html
  7. GIGO, computer programmer’s terminology meaning garbage in garbage out. The validity of the output of a computer is determined by the program and the data.
  8. Steel is made by adding carbon. We sell high quality coal, mostly to Asia and Europe, for making steel. The US then imports steel.
  9. James P. Hogan; (Un)Settled Science -Hole in the AGWzone Layer!, January 14, 2010 (AGW, acronym for Anthropogenic Global Warming)   He points out that scientists are being regarded as an infallible priesthood who are purveyors as the true source of knowledge that must not be questioned. The danger is in policies made on the basis of unquestioned theories. There is much government funding to push the theory of carbon dioxide as the cause of global warming. No studies  are being funded to question this theory. So there is a great bias in research, which is not honest science,
  10. The present advocated policy of the IPCC in the climate control agreements directly increases the water vapor in the sky. This increases and aggravates the global warming, particularly in the arctic and North America and Europe. This should be acknowledged by the IPCC so that some corrective action can be started. Emergency action should be initiated. At a minimum jet airplane engine exhaust should be cooled and negative ions added to stop acid rain from killing plankton which supply the greatest portion of oxygen to the biosphere!
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October’s Bright Blue Weather

“October’s bright blue weather”

“O suns and skies and clouds of June,
And flowers of June together,
Ye cannot rival for one hour October’s bright blue weather;”

Helen Hunt Jackson (1830-1885)

October Skies Not so Blue.

Airplane clouds instead of blue.
Clouds that hide the hue.
Days not so blue and bright.
Clouds and water vapor warm the night.

Water vapor that jets exude,
Winter cooling of the arctic preclude.*1
A six month warmer arctic night,
Bring polar bears a serious plight.

Days are not so bright and blue,
All year long jets dim the hue.
On 9/13 a with cooler night,
The day time sky was again very bright.*2

On many a night,
The stars are not so bright.
The daytime hue,
Is not very blue.

When the skies you watch,
Computer models do not match.
More looking needed
Less computation heeded.

*1: Water vapor has the most greenhouse effect
Much stronger than carbon dioxide. Water vapor
is effective over most of the infrared radiation,
heat, spectrum; it does not need to be visible as clouds.
Carbon dioxide is only effective over a narrow part of this heat spectrum.
Water vapor, humidity, is much more prevalent; typically 30%, dry to 80%, high/
Carbon dioxide is only about 0.4%.

*2: When air traffic was stopped after 9/11
for a few days the days were brighter and warmer,
the nights were clearer and cooler.

(V Hatch)

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Global Warming

Global Warming
V. Hatch
“October’s bright blue weather”
“O SUNS and skies and clouds of June,
And flowers of June together,
Ye cannot rival for one hour
October’s bright blue weather;”
Helen Hunt Jackson (1830-1885)

Alas it is no more! It seems to me that the climate scientists are too young and work too much with computers and haven’t really observed the changes in the sky over the last 50 years!

There has been a dramatic increase in the cloudiness of the skies since the advent and great expansion of jet traffic. This has brought about cloudiness from contrails. The clouds produced by this jet traffic have reduced the solar radiation reaching the earth; a dimming of the skies due to the reflection of sunlight back into space.

It might seem that this dimming of the skies should produce cooling rather than warming. There is another more prominent effect that causes the warming. First it should be clearly stated that water vapor is the number one greenhouse gas; much more than carbon dioxide. The overall effect of the increase in the water vapor and clouds in the high atmosphere is to trap heat from radiating back into space. This is particularly a potent effect, it reduces drastically night time cooling. It is this elimination of night time cooling that has caused the “global” warming.

To understand this it is necessary to realize that water vapor absorbs heat whether or not it is visible, as in clouds. So this increase in water vapor in the skies has a much more potent effect than carbon dioxide. Jet exhaust contains both water vapor and carbon dioxide; but water vapor is a much more potent greenhouse gas. Water vapor is the number one greenhouse gas. Water vapor is effective over almost the entire infrared (heat) spectrum; carbon dioxide only over a narrow range. Water vapor is an effective greenhouse gas even when it is invisible. Water vapor, humidity, is measured in percentage; typically 30%, dry, to 80%, high humidity. Carbon dioxide is about 0.4% of the air. Carbon dioxide is heavier than water vapor so will tend to nearer the earth

An experiment was imposed by the shutdown of air traffic across the United States for a few days after 9/11. The result was a greater swing between daytime and night time temperatures; also some bright blue skies! A proof of the effect of jet air traffic. 1.

From personal experience and observation I know that prior to the advent of jet airplane traffic many times during the winter when we had clear skies the nights would become bitterly cold! The effect of the increase in cloudiness and of the water vapor in the skies has greatly reduced the night time cooling in the winter.

Since the airlines route the international flights as polar routes it becomes apparent that the most dramatic effect of this would be in the arctic and subarctic. This follows because the nights are very long there, thus very reduced cooling in the winter months. And this is the area most effected by “global warming”.

Since the major land mass and population is in the northern hemisphere and thus the most air traffic we have mostly just “northern hemisphere warming”. It is definitely human caused.

It is folly to concentrate on carbon dioxide and ignore water vapor. Carbon dioxide, CO2, is a heavier molecule than water vapor, H2O. Thus CO2 is not going to rise in the atmosphere as much as H2O. H2O is much more likely to persist in the atmosphere than CO2.

Is the effect of water vapor ignored because the effect of it is so pervasive that we cannot face the idea that to stop the warming we would have to curtail air traffic? Can we even face up to this? Can we develop electric jets for aircraft that do not emit greenhouse gasses?

From this we need to consider a possibly much more serious effect than just northern hemisphere warming? What is the effect of melting the ice masses in the northern hemisphere while the ones in the southern hemisphere remain intact? Will this unbalance in mass cause shifting in the core of earth will the result of more earthquakes and volcanoes?

1. Penn State. “Jet Contrails Alter Average Daily Temperature Range.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 8 August 2002. <www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2002/08/020808075457.htm>.


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Demand And Economy


The word demand has a number of definitions such as need or desire or insistence on.  However in economics and to the economists there is a different and very specific definition.

“Demand” from Funk & Wagnalls Standard Dictionary of the English Language International Edition: v.t 4. To have a need for; require;   n. 4.  The desire to possess combined with the ability to purchase; also the totality of such effectual desire in a given market with reference to a given commodity at a certain price.  This latter definition of the word is the one used by economists.  This definition will be used in the rest of this discussion.

Thus as an example of the contrast between the different definitions of the word demand; in the depression years of the 1930’s there was great demand (“need”) but there was very little demand (desire and ability to purchase) for housing, food, clothing and etc.  The lack of demand in the economy was due to the inability to purchase because of the high unemployment.

Recessions and depressions are periods of low demand, in the economics sense of the word.  Typically a downward spiral occurs, initiated by a slow down in demand, which the leads to companies reducing production and laying of employees; the laying off of employees reduces the overall demand due to the reduction of the ability to purchase;  which the leads to further reduction of production and more layoffs—down things go.  This spiral has been, since the “Great Depression” been partially alleviated by unemployment compensation, social security and government expenditures, as during WWII.

John Maynard Keynes advocated increasing the “demand” (Desire to possess combined with the ability to purchase.) by government spending to get more funds into the hands of consumers to increase their ability to purchase by providing them jobs.  Following this policy has rescued capitalism in America several times in the last 100 years. 

However following such a policy has led to inflation.  But with the policy of the Banks being the only creators of money, and when creating more debt than money when they create money there is no good solution other than this policy.

Since we cannot dig money out of the ground, as we once did during “gold rush times” there is only one source of money into the economy.  This is by the creation of money by the banks, by creating money out of thin air and loaning it out at interest.  This quite clearly creates more debt than it creates of money.  The only solution to keep the economy going to pay this debt is to keep increasing the money supply by ever more borrowing year after year.  This is the only way that the interest can be paid for last year’s borrowing.  The only entity that can have ever increasing debt is the federal government.  That is the only way possible to keep the economy going.  So this is what we have been doing.

So the money supply is increased by government borrowing, which then gets spent into the economy in a number of ways.  Spending for defense, highways, salaries for government employees in all of it’s departments—many diverse items.  Then this money that is borrowed by the government must all flow back to the government through taxes, plus even more to pay back this money that was borrowed by the government.  This can only work by continually increasing the money supply. Thus it becomes clear that this system will only work by being in continual debt to the banks; with ever more borrowing by the federal government and inflation of the money supply.  It is also apparent that this gives the bankers control of the economy through control of the money supply. 

Back in 1791 banker Mayer Rothschild said “Allow me to issue and control a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.”

President Lincoln had the treasury issue money during the civil war rather than borrow money at interest from the banks; thus avoiding the interest charges had he allowed the bankers to create the money and loan it to the government.  President Kennedy issued an executive order to have the Treasury Depart start issuing silver certificates.  The constitution specifically grants to the government the right to issue money and to regulate the value thereof.  The reason it isn’t done? Both of these presidents were assassinated; so dare any politician follow this course?  Rewards and punishment can also be used by the bankers to keep the politicians in line!  Too often political candidates die in “accidents”.

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, John Maynard Keynes and others advocated creating money based on commodities.  Their proposal was the issuance of money based upon the value of the commodities in a number of various warehouses located throughout the country.  Thus having a continual increase of the money supply based upon the increase of the productivity of the country.  Thus breaking the hold of the bankers on the economy through control of the money supply.  This would prevent the cycles of repetitive recessions and depressions.  

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Balancing the Federal Budget

April 2013, After Tax Time:

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”   Thomas Jefferson

Consider that the government must make payments of interest and principal of the debt.  That money must come from the taxpayer.  That money then goes to entity that loaned the money by buying U.S. debt such as Treasury bonds.  Consider further that much of that money goes to China!  Thus there is a transfer of money out of the U.S. from the taxpayer to China. This reduces the money in circulation of money in the U.S economy; continued to the ultimate this would result in poverty for the taxpayers.  We have the additional factor of much of our goods being produced overseas giving an added outflow of money from the U.S. economy.

The banks gained greatly by “free trade”.  When a bank, say the Bank of America, loans Mexico $100 million then Mexico needs to sell enough goods in America to earn $100 million plus more to pay back the loan plus interest!  So it is in the interest of the banks to have “free trade” so that they can be repaid.

One should always keep in mind that bankers consider themselves to have the “God given right” to be the exclusive creator of money.  God forbid that a government should consider that it might create money instead of borrowing it from a banker!

From these considerations it becomes apparent that balancing the federal budget in combination with “free trade” must lead to a continuing recession or collapse of the American economy.

This is reinforce by the fact that the only source of money increase in the U.S. economy at this time is by borrowing by the federal government.  This is so because borrowing by companies and individuals while temporarily increasing the money supply results in more debt than money, and this debt must be repaid or canceled out by default such as bankruptcy.

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Worldwide Debt Crisis

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”  Edmund Burke

However it is not sufficient to just know history, one must understand the underlying cause of events.  In 1910 the money supply in the US was $13.3 billion. (M2)  In 2010 the money supply was $8.8 trillion. (M2)  This increase in the money supply was created by the banks.

When a bank loans money it creates that money it does not take the money from another account.  The problem with this is that more debt than money is created by the interest charged.  The only borrower that can and has continued to borrow and have money created and place into the economy is the federal government.

Read my book “Debt Crises, The Cause of Recessions and Depressions”.

Thus the US government debt has increased from $2.65 billion in 1910 to $13.56 trillion in 2010.

Thus in the US we have a Debt Crisis.  This is done worldwide; thus there is a worldwide Debt Crisis.

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Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Bank is a public entity; it is not owned by the banks. The Federals Reserve is a public entity and each of the members of the board of governors is appointed by the president and approved by Congress,  the money earned by the Federal Reserve beyond the expenses is paid to Congress.  The bankers would love to get rid of the Federal Reserve and the restrictions it imposes and go to “free” banking!  However predominately bankers have been appointed to the Board of Governors, through their political power.  The Fed caused much damage by acting to prevent inflation.  In 1937 the Fed restricted the money supply “to fight inflation” and killed the economy that had been recovering;  in the  1980’s the Fed acted again “to fight inflation”–this time they raised the interest rates very high which put many farmers and small businesses out of business, made the value of the dollar very high which caused imports to be cheap and killed businesses exporting and sent jobs overseas.  They could have acted to restrict the money supply as they did in 1937 without killing so many businesses.  Furthermore the inflation of the 1970s and 80s was caused by the increase in the money supply by the very banks that demanded and got the restriction on interest rates removed.

The Great Recession was caused and greatly contributed to by the actions of raising interest rates and thus increasing the pile up of debt by people and the governments!!

I wasn’t aware of what happened in 1937 (I started the second grade that year.), however I know that as a family we experienced a great setback–we became poorer–and life became grim.

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Paying the National Debt

Paying the National debt.

At this time the Federal Debt is over $16 trillion; the money supply (M2) is at this time $8.6 trillion. M2 is the total supply of money in circulation (currency-paper money and coins), plus all demand deposits (the total amount of money all of us have in our checking accounts), plus checkable deposits, plus savings accounts, plus time deposits and money market accounts.

With the Federal debt at almost twice the size of the money supply just where the hell is the money to come from to pay down the federal debt, let alone ever pay it off? Even attempting to do so would probably kill the economy due to removing money from circulation. If China and other countries hold around $8 trillion of the federal debt then paying them would take all of our money supply! Other countries have the same problem.

Money is created by the banks when loans are made; paying off a loan takes money out of circulation (out of the money supply). However when banks create money by making loans they create more debt than money. So after more than a century of this we have the world swamped by debt.

This problem can be solved but only by changing the monetary system—changing the source of money creation. Only by doing so can the economy and prosperity be renewed.

For more info on this read my book: Debt Crises, The Cause of Recessions and Depressions.

To purchase go to www.VictorsOnlineShopping.com

Victor Hatch

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Debt Crises, The Cause of Recessions and Depressions

    Link to buy my book Debt Crises the cause of Recessions & DepressionsDebt Crises, The Cause of Recessions and Depressions                                      by Victor W Hatch

  • Read the book and learn:
  • Why Recessions an depressions have occurred for centuries.
  • The cause.
  • Why they are debt crises.
  • Why the federal government cannot maintain a balanced budget.
  • Suggestions how to remedy this and restore prosperity.
  • Model money and debt creation using Excel.  Prove it for yourself.

.  There are charts showing the relationships between money supply and recessions; some of the charts are totally new–newly created.  I’ve also shown how you can set up an Excel program to prove the cause of debt crises for yourself.

Want to know how money is created and comes into circulation?

  • Table of Contents                                                                                  Page
  •    Introduction                                                                                                  1
  •    Chapter I        History of Depressions                                                       5
  •    Chapter II      The Effects of Depressions and Recessions                   13
  •    Chapter III     Recessions and  Money                                                    23
  •    Chapter IV      The Creation of Money                                                    31
  •    Chapter V       The Cause of Depressions and  Recessions.                   39
  •    Chapter VI     The Federal Government and The Federal Reserve.   51
  •    Chapter VII    Trade                                                                                   57
  •    Chapter VIII   Solutions/Corrective Actions                                           63
  •    Chapter IX      Money Supply/Debt Projection                                       71
  •    References:                                                                                                   79
  •    Bibliography:                                                                                                81
  •    About the Author                                                                                        83
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We the people of the United States
are responsible for the government that we have.

Have we created the government we really want?
Or have we sat by and let others make it the government they want?

Have we kept the government of the people, by the people and for the people
that the founders of our country gave us?
If not, why not?

How well have we kept the ideals and principles of government
that were given by these founding fathers?

What can and will you do about this?

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