Vernon Wade Harmon

One day I had a chat,

With this cat.

He was a serious cat,

I asked him bout that.

He Said;

When the world was new

And I was too.

I wandered around,

Life for me did abound.

I stuck my snout,

Here, there and round about.

I ate many a rat,

And got fat.

I met a puss named Nate

(or was it Kate?)

Short was my fate.

I was curious about Tom

He was her kin,

He did me in.

So as every one knows,

Curiosity killed the cat.

Eight more lives to go

As we also know?

Nine lives for cat,

Then that is that.

Once I took some bait,

And got ate.

I’ve been through eight,

And they were great.

After this one where do I go?

Do I come back as a bat,

Or “horrors” as a rat?

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