Debt Crises, The Cause of Recessions and Depressions

    Link to buy my book Debt Crises the cause of Recessions & DepressionsDebt Crises, The Cause of Recessions and Depressions                                      by Victor W Hatch

  • Read the book and learn:
  • Why Recessions an depressions have occurred for centuries.
  • The cause.
  • Why they are debt crises.
  • Why the federal government cannot maintain a balanced budget.
  • Suggestions how to remedy this and restore prosperity.
  • Model money and debt creation using Excel.  Prove it for yourself.

.  There are charts showing the relationships between money supply and recessions; some of the charts are totally new–newly created.  I’ve also shown how you can set up an Excel program to prove the cause of debt crises for yourself.

Want to know how money is created and comes into circulation?

  • Table of Contents                                                                                  Page
  •    Introduction                                                                                                  1
  •    Chapter I        History of Depressions                                                       5
  •    Chapter II      The Effects of Depressions and Recessions                   13
  •    Chapter III     Recessions and  Money                                                    23
  •    Chapter IV      The Creation of Money                                                    31
  •    Chapter V       The Cause of Depressions and  Recessions.                   39
  •    Chapter VI     The Federal Government and The Federal Reserve.   51
  •    Chapter VII    Trade                                                                                   57
  •    Chapter VIII   Solutions/Corrective Actions                                           63
  •    Chapter IX      Money Supply/Debt Projection                                       71
  •    References:                                                                                                   79
  •    Bibliography:                                                                                                81
  •    About the Author                                                                                        83
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